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Portugal's Digital Nomad Visa

In October 2022, Portugal introduced its much-discussed new Digital Nomad Visa.

Portugal is already very well known among global emigrants for its famous Golden Visas and also popular residence visa programs, such as the D7 visa.

This visa has become more popular during the pandemic, when people could not leave their homes but had to continue doing their jobs.

So, who is it for? Is this the same as the D7 visa? How do you get one? And is it the right solution for you?

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What Is a Digital Nomad?

First things first, a digital nomad is essentially a skills-based professional who is free to roam around the world while still delivering their service to clients, and can complete their work from anywhere.

This term exploded into popular use between 2010-2015 at a time when demand for designers, programmers, and other computer-based skills increased exponentially, and many of them became remote workers.

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What is The Digital Nomad Visa?

The Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa is split into two categories. The first one is a temporary stay visa that allows its holders to legally live and work remotely in Portugal for up to a year. The second one is a 5-year renewable residency visa - note that if you live in Portugal for five years with a digital nomad residency visa, you can be eligible to apply for a permanent residency permit or even for Portuguese citizenship, which would give you European Union citizen rights.

Which Are My Rights As a Digital Nomad Visa Holder?

Both Portugal digital nomad visas allow their holders to bring their family members, dependent child or children, and partner (note that in this case you might be required to prove that your monthly income is more than the minimum wage), open a Portuguese bank account, have access to the great public healthcare system in Portugal or pay for your health insurance of preference, become a tax resident, and much more - basically the same benefits as other types of visa.

Are There Different Types of Digital Nomad Visa?

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is split into two categories - Portugal temporary stay visa and the residence visa - as explained above, but the country offers many other visa options other than digital nomad visas, such as the Golden Visa, and the D7 Visa - also known as the rental income or passive income Portugal residency visa.

Portuguese immigration will always require a clean criminal record from any foreign country you have lived in, no matter if you're applying for the Portugal passive income visa or for a temporary residency permit.

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Applicants need to provide a valid passport, prove they are non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, provide bank statements and meet the income requirement over the last 3 months (4x the Portuguese minimum wage, which is around €2836), prove that they are self-employed or show employment contract to prove that they work for a company outside Portugal, and submit a tax residency document.

How to Apply For It?

To apply for the Portugal Digital Nomad visa, you can either visit your home country Portuguese Consulate or the nearest Portuguese Consulate, or SEF (Immigration and Border Services) after you arrive in Portugal.

If you choose the first option, you will submit your visa application at the Consulate, and wait for their decision in the country where you applied. If your visa application process is approved, you will receive an entry visa to enter Portugal and complete the second stage, when you will need to visit SEF and apply for your residency permit.

If you feel like you need help with the process, the best thing is to contact an immigration law firm.

What Makes Portugal The Best Place to Work Remotely?

Portugal is a great country to live in because of its amazing climate, beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and vibrant cities.

With its temperate climate, Portugal has mild winters and warm summers which make it an ideal place to enjoy any time of the year.

Its stunning coastline offers over 800 kilometers of sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters that are perfect for sunbathing or water sports like surfing and windsurfing. The landscape also includes lagoons, cliffs, estuaries, sand dunes and riverside forests making the natural scenery absolutely breathtaking.

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Another great reason to choose Portugal as your home away from home is its fascinating culture. Portugal has a rich history spanning centuries and this is visible in its architecture, music, art, and gastronomy.

Visitors can explore historical sites such as castles, monasteries, and churches in every corner of the country as well as modern attractions including impressive museums and contemporary art galleries.

As for its cuisine – you’ll find everything from seafood dishes made with freshly caught fish from the Atlantic ocean to traditional recipes based on olive oil and spices – always accompanied by delicious local wines.

For digital nomads looking for a place to live for one year in an inspiring environment where they can be a remote worker without too many distractions, Portugal is definitely worth considering!

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa program makes it easy for qualified applicants to stay up to 1 year in Portugal without having to worry about paperwork or legal issues while enjoying all the benefits mentioned above such as stunning beaches, vibrant cities filled with culture & creativity.

The digital nomad community is growing a lot in the country - so much that you will probably find an exclusive digital nomad village in the city you choose to live.

Coworking in Portugal

Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads over the past few years.

To further enhance the working experience for remote workers, coworking spaces are popping up all across Portugal - providing digital nomads with a great opportunity to know each other and have a good experience working remotely.

There are programs like StartUp Lisboa and many others supporting small companies and remote workers.

Coworking Space

Best Places to Work Remotely in Portugal


Portugal's capital is an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads, offering a unique mix of traditional culture and modern attractions. It boasts stunning beaches, beautiful architecture, and vibrant cities filled with culture and creativity. Plus, the mild temperatures make it perfect for exploring all year round. For those looking for remote working, Lisbon is definitely a great option.


Beautiful Porto is a great destination for digital nomads who are looking for an exciting place for your life and remote work. The city offers a diverse range of culture, architecture, and attractions, but its stunning natural beauty makes it perfect for exploring all year round - living in Porto is a truly unique experience.

The Portuguese Silver Coast

If you are looking for a beautiful and tranquil place, the Portuguese Silver Coast is the right place for you. The stunning coastline offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. For those who want to take it easy, there are plenty of small towns along the coast - which provide the perfect environment for digital nomads looking for some rest and relaxation.


The Algarve region is a stunning destination for digital nomads looking to enjoy the beachy life and natural beauty of the country. With its mild climate, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking coastlines, this area is perfect for soaking up the sun or simply relaxing in one of its many secluded spots.

Accommodation in Portugal for Digital Nomads

There are many options and ways to find accommodation in Portugal. In the past years, major cities like Lisbon and Porto have received lots of investments in the real estate market, it means that you can find many great options in these regions - from brand-new apartments to traditional small flats.

Projects like the StartUp Lisbon not only offer a coworking space but also accommodation for a fair price.

Pages like OLX, Imovirtual, and Idealista also offer a good range of accommodations. If you are looking for shared accommodation, Uniplaces is a great platform to explore.

Living Room

Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax in Portugal?

The Portuguese government has some of the most favorable tax programs in the world for foreigners who move to Portugal and become residents here.

One such program is the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) program which allows individuals to benefit from a more advantageous tax framework when they take up residence as an NHR taxpayer in Portugal. The benefits include:

  • No taxes on foreign income;
  • 20% tax on income earned in Portugal compared to standard Portuguese income tax rates of up to 48%;
  • Social contributions are 10% which is considerably less than the standard rate.

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