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What Are The Benefits of Dual Citizenship?

Are you considering a new citizenship? Learn more about the factors you should consider and which are the benefits of having dual citizenship.

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What Is A Dual Citizenship?

A dual citizenship, also known as dual nationality or multiple citizenship, is when a person is recognized by two or more countries as their citizen.

This means the person holds citizenship in two countries at once and is subject to the rights and duties of each country, such as having the right to vote and being obligated to pay taxes in each nation.

The concept of dual citizenship has been around for centuries and it can be acquired through a variety of methods.

How To Get A Second Citizenship



One of the easiest ways to obtain a dual citizenship is through ancestry or heritage. If you have parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents who were born in another country, you may be eligible to claim a dual citizenship based on their nationality.

To prove your heritage, you will need to provide official documents such as birth certificates and passports from those countries.


You may also be eligible for naturalization, which is when someone establishes legal residence in a foreign country for an extended period of time and eventually obtains its citizenship.

Naturalization can take anywhere from 3-5 years and requires applicants to fulfill certain requirements like learning the language, entering into a specific profession, investing in the country’s economy and more.

Investment Programs

Another method of obtaining a dual citizenship is through investment programs. Most countries have invested immigration programs where they offer an expedited process towards gaining their nationality through investments made in real estate development or business ventures within their borders.

While these programs can require large sums of money upfront, they can be incredibly beneficial for those looking to acquire citizenship quickly and efficiently.


Lastly, marriage is one of the most common methods for obtaining a dual nationality as some countries will grant automatic citizenship rights to foreign nationals who marry one of their citizens or permanent residents.

However, it’s important to note that not all countries offer this type of benefit so it’s important that you research the exact laws before making any decisions regarding marriage just for the purpose of changing your nationality status.

Second Citizenship Programs

One of the best dual citizenship programs available is the Citizenship by Investment Program. This program allows an individual to become a naturalized citizen of another country without having to actually live there.

The most popular countries offering this type of investment are Portugal, Spain, and Malta. Each of these countries offers different incentives and requirements for obtaining their citizenship through the Golden Visa program.

In Spain, individuals can obtain Spanish citizenship by making an investment of €500,000 in either real estate or a business venture within the country. In exchange for this investment, applicants receive full citizenship rights including the right to vote and access to free healthcare and education opportunities.

Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (IIP) allows applicants who invest €1 million euros into government bonds or stocks as well as contribute €250k euros into social projects benefiting Maltese citizens over a five-year period to become citizens of Malta. As part of this program, applicants must also purchase government approved property worth at least €350k euros in order to qualify for Maltese residency and citizenship benefits.

If you want to learn more about the Portuguese Golden Visa, our blog is full of articles to help!

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All in all, there are numerous options available when it comes choosing a dual citizenship program depending on your individual needs and financial situation. It’s important that you research each option carefully before committing any funds so that you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal while still meeting all legal requirements associated with each particular country’s laws regarding dual nationality status.

What Are The Benefits of Dual Citizenship?

Pros & Cons

Being a dual citizen comes with many benefits including expanded job opportunities, travel freedoms, access to healthcare benefits, improved quality of life in some countries and more.

On the other hand, becoming a dual citizen can also bring up certain complications like mandatory military service, taxing issues (double taxation) between nations or even having conflicting loyalties between two separate national identities - so it’s important that one adequately researches what type of laws they would be subjected to before making any decisions.

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There are numerous ways to obtain a dual citizenship but each option should be carefully considered prior to making any decisions.

It can be beneficial for some depending on their circumstances but it may not fit everyone’s needs so it’s important that individuals take the time to understand which route works best for them before committing anything legally binding.

If you are looking for citizenship through marriage, residency or heritage, the best thing is to speak to a lawyer.

But if a 2nd Citizenship via investment is what you are looking for, request a call with an expert to help you!