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Think of this site as the central square ("praça central") in the immigration village, where you can swap stories and learn from other users' experiences.

We host experts, via the blog, to keep the community informed on the latest news. They're not here to advertise, just to add value.

We've built a one-stop shop for learning about Portugal's Golden Visa program, how it works, and every significant player in the space.

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Our Story

Hi, I'm Ephraim Austin. I launched the Golden Visa Community (with a little help from my friends) after a run of disappointing customer service in Portugal's immigration space.

Historically, it's an opaque industry. New customers face an uphill battle as they guess at who will provide a good service - some are lucky while others find out the hard way that they guessed incorrectly...

Now, we make up a Community who can pool our experiences and lift up those committed service providers who are passionate about ensuring good experiences for customers.

It isn't my choice who sinks and who swims - that's down to you, the Community.

The Community (that's you!) writes reviews about their experiences with service providers. Investors who come after can see plainly who deserves their custom.

This transparency lifts the bar across the whole market creating a race to the top in customer service.

Ephraim Austin with wife and children
Ephraim Austin with wife and children

Golden Visa investment funds

Funds can be a qualifying investment for a Portuguese Golden Visa. Follow the links to learn more about each available fund. Learn how to analyze funds like these in "The Portuguese Golden Visa: Insider's Guide" (see "Insider's guide" in the menu above)

Main milestones

See an overview of the main milestones on your journey to obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa.

The article hosted under "Insider's guide" will teach you everything you could ever hope to know about how to navigate Portugal's Golden Visa, but the "Main milestones" page is a useful overview of the milestones you'll need to pass through on your way.

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Who to hire

Read what other members of the Community thought of the service providers they used. Read & leave reviews.