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Espen Halvorsen

Fjord Capital

A Portuguese venture capital fund, with a focus on high-end residential real estate.

Investment Sectors

Real Estate

Strategy Overview

High-end residential real estate, and rural tourism, to create growth and stability with a key focus on capital preservation.

Minimum Ticket Size


First Close Passed


Set Up Fee

4% added

4% is paid up front, and then 1% is paid on exit of the fund. That subscription fee is paid to the agent introducing/onboarding the investors.

Management Fee


This is the amount charged by FundBox, our fund manager.

Performance Fee


45% of profits after all fees.

Target Annual Returns


3% per annum

Target Returns Upon Exit


3% per annum plus a 22% capital gain

Subscription Deadline

May 2023

Target Fundraise


Month Established

April 2021

Fund Duration

7 years

US-investors (PFIC)


Fjord Capital is founded on the ethos that to share the profits, you must share the financial risk. All fund advisors, including the fund manager are co-investors with you, the fund subscribers.

Fjord Capital's focus is on high-end residential real estate, in prime central locations. We also invest in creating tourism in the most beautiful rural locations in the wine regions on the doorstep of Lisboa.

  • We only select real estate in prime, central, supply-stricken locations, that are truly unique and have historically proven to be unsusceptible to volatility in the markets.
  • Our team focuses on finding rare assets and acquiring them at below market value through personal relationships and determination. Our expertise has always been acquiring complicated assets, with complicated ownership structures, often with multiple owners in disagreements or varying motivations to sell, that take time, patience, and sometimes simply human empathy to close.
  • This allows us to already create value for our investors by providing them with an asset that is not only unique, but also gives the comfort that are acquired under market value, which gives the investment the ability to weather macroeconomic storms.

The core reason of why we have focused on high-end residential real estate for the past 20+ years, is that this market times and times again has proven to remain stable even in times of economic instability. Assets located in prime locations, especially in European capitals, have steadily grown in value and are expected to remain a stable market.

Further from that we are looking at investing in education. Being involved in creating the top private schools in Lisboa and the surrounding communities, to support the significant growth of the Ex-Pat community, and the education expectations they bring.

We have a diverse team. The founder has over 20 years experience in developing high end residential real estate, whilst one of the co-founders, Ben Lambert has a background in venture and impact investments. Our key partner and co-founder Calatrava Grace, is the Portuguese office of the world-renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava. Known for creating some of the most iconic contemporary pieces of architecture on the planet.