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Mónica Mendonça

Green Insight I

Building a Responsible Future through Profitable Assets.

Investment Sectors

Technology, Real Estate, Sustainability

Strategy Overview

We have a balanced strategy mostly investing in technology-based projects with innovative concepts while reducing risk in real assets (solar, wind energy).

Minimum Ticket Size


First Close Passed


Set Up Fee

1.25% included

Management Fee


During the Investment Period 2.5% which is reduced to 2% after the Investment Period

Performance Fee


20% fee after Hurdle Rate of 5% to 10%; and 30% fee after Hurdle Rate of 10%

Target Annual Returns


Target Returns Upon Exit


9% - 12% per year target return

Subscription Deadline

July 2023

Target Fundraise


Month Established

July 2021

Fund Duration

8 years

US-investors (PFIC)


Specifically designed for Golden Visa investors, the Green Insight I Fund is an excellent choice for investors looking to make responsible investments in profitable assets that promote a reduced carbon footprint.

The fund allows investors to benefit not only from the return on assets but also from the positive results arising from investments made in promoting sustainability.

Our investment strategy is very balanced, reducing risk through investments in real assets, such as land or properties that allow the fund to develop sustainable activities and, at the same time, invest in more dynamic projects that will achieve higher returns.