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Nathan Hadlock

Pela Terra Farmland

Portugal's first sustainability-focused Golden Visa fund.
The fund is built on farmland – an asset class with a lower volatility rating than even the most conservative investment, US Government Bonds.

Investment Sectors

Farmland, Agribusiness, Infrastructure

Strategy Overview

Buy undervalued Farmland, lease to sustainable growers

Minimum Ticket Size


First Close Passed


Set Up Fee

1% added

Management Fee


investors do not have to pay this as it's paid by the fund itself

Performance Fee


No performance fee is taken unless the advertised targets are met

Target Annual Returns


Payout each year

Target Returns Upon Exit


Additional payout when fund closes

Subscription Deadline

July 2023

Target Fundraise


Month Established

April 2021

Fund Duration

7 years

US-investors (PFIC)


Why Farmland?

Innovation requires that you break from the pack. Pela Terra Farmland has chosen to focus on an undervalued asset that has recently become recognized by world-leading investors.

As an asset class, farmland offers risk insulation for investors.

Why Portuguese farmland?

Because unlike the inflated prices for homes and apartments in the country’s top cities, farmland here can be acquired for 20 percent less than land of identical value just over the border in Spain.

Our plan is integrated. We buy and simultaneously lease prime farmland to established farmers, delivering a steady income stream, on top of the natural appreciation of the underlying stable asset.

Finally, in contrast to real estate-based Golden Visa programs, there are zero taxes on the profits in these investment funds.

Why Invest With Purpose?

We are passionate about the health of the soil, and the need to develop superior regenerative agricultural practices to feed future generations and mitigate climate change.

As an investor, you too can make a positive impact on sustainable agriculture, earning a personal carbon offset approximately equivalent to your carbon footprint during your investment.

Most Golden Visa programs have done precious little for their host countries. Paradoxically, they increase rents, displace natives, and employ few citizens.

Critically, our farms provide meaningful employment and economic development to the communities that need it most, in Portugal’s beautiful yet under-developed interior regions. Our farmers will be on the front lines: keeping harmful chemicals out of the water supply, and promoting organic agriculture, bio-diversity and vital ecosystems.

In terms of your own personal legacy, that’s a world away from paying 25% over market prices for a second home while driving locals out of the homeowner market.