Vida Fund

Vida Fund believes in the power of capital to build spaces where individuals gather intentionally to live inspiring lives.

Investment Sectors

Hospitality, Real Estate

Strategy Overview

The fund acquires distressed hospitality assets, repositions these implementing value add interventions, and sells to international real estate buyers willing to pay a higher price for branded residences.

Minimum Ticket Size


First Close Passed


Set Up Fee

1500 added

One time fee of EUR 1,500 (to be paid to fund manager for KYC, AML check) (Refundable)

Management Fee


Performance Fee


Calculated as 50% of the liquidation proceeds of the Class A gains (in excess of 4 % annual cash dividends, with a catchup) up to 2xROE and 20% of the liquidation proceeds of the Class B gains (in excess of a 6% annual cash dividends, with a catchup).

Target Annual Returns


4% a year dividend when cash available

Target Returns Upon Exit


2x Return on Equity (1M Euro)

Subscription Deadline

December 2024

Target Fundraise


Month Established

December 2022

Fund Duration

7 years

US-investors (PFIC)


Vida Capital Partners is a private equity fund, approved by CMVM, that provides access to investment in sustainable real estate hospitality assets with LEED certification while giving you the possibility of obtaining an EU Passport.

The team has extensive expertise and a track record. We developed and managed €900M worth of real estate in Portugal, and raised funds of over €2B across Europe, the USA, Latin America, and Africa. Our partners previously with Barclays, Marriott, and Selina have a proven track record.

The LPs in this Fund are targeted to investors associated with the Golden Visa program, primarily with origins in the US, Latin America, South Africa, and Brazil. These are generally private investors looking to invest 500,000 Euros in our fund, and besides receiving a return on their investment, they can benefit from the European residency certificate and gain access to a European passport.