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Blue Palace Luxury Hotel

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Quantum Capital is a Real Estate Investment Company that is focused on delivering unique hospitality and commercial projects in Portugal.

Developer company name

Quantum Capital

Real estate market sectors


Total number of units in the project


What you purchase

Buying a share of a project

Unit price range

€350,000 - €350,000

Current project state

All building permissions granted


Construction Start Date

March 2023

Construction Completion Date

March 2025

Post Construction:

Property manager

Quantum Capital

All building permissions granted


Management Fee


Target annual returns


3.5% annual return for the first 5 years (49,000€ Paid 12 months after signing investment deed)

Fixed return


Buyback option


Which category of Golden Visa

Rehabilitation 350,000€ option

Blue Palace will be a wonderful 5* Luxury Boutique Hotel in the middle of the heart of Lisbon.

The 35 suites will be equipped with all the high-end amenities,​ the restaurant will aim to be one of the best restaurants in Lisbon with very distinct and refined service and the spa will have a relaxed and exquisite service.

This is located in Praça da Alegria a very small and charming square right next to Avenida da Liberdade the most well-known avenue in Lisbon, considered a prime location, where all the main luxury couture and jewelers brands are located, and the heart of Lisbon.

The gross construction/rehabilitation was already made between 2018 and 2020, with all the interiors already in concrete. This is a huge upside because what is traditionally the most difficult process in a rehabilitation work like this, is already done.