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We see a global world, without barriers and without restrictions to mobility.

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1 - 5 partners

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Immigration, Employment, Corporate, Real Estate

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In a world of uncertainty, you and your family want to make sure that you have alternatives.

Paramount Legal exists with the purpose of providing advice for those who see Portugal as the best alternative.

As your trusted immigration advisor, we deliver comprehensive solutions and guide you during all the stages of the investment and the golden visa application, in order to assure that the process is simple, transparent and efficient.

The rendering of the services will be led by the founding partner Manuel Ferreira Mendes, together with a legal team with experience and adequate seniority.

The overall approach will be based on the knowledge and experience gathered throughout vast years of advisory work, which will translate to anticipating and advising for the best possible outcomes in different scenarios considered, also managing in an effective way the different stages of the matter.