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Golden Visa: How to Buy a Property in Portugal?

Overview of Portugal Golden Visa Properties 2023

The best type of property you can buy is one that you wanted anyway. If you're buying yourself a holiday home, and you can get a golden visa through that, you're winning twice over!

Anything other than this is an "investment" and should be rigorously and unemotionally analyzed as such.

There are players in the space who are after your money and your long-term welfare is an afterthought. So, get educated! Feel free to give us a call if you need further help.

  • The 4 types of property you can buy (check out here!)
  • You can buy residential or commercial (which includes touristic apartments)
  • You can invest in Farmland through this particular fund (Pela Terra Farmland)
  • You can also invest in investment funds - a regulated and managed investment option - which invests in real estate or other things. If you would like to learn more about fund investment, please check (Investment Funds)
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Why Buy Real Estate in Portugal?

When it comes to reasons to invest in Portuguese real estate, there are plenty. From stunning beaches and diverse cities, Portugal is a great place to put your money into property investments.

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Pros and Cons of Making a Property Investment - Buying a Portugal Property as Your Golden Visa Investment

Advantages to Portugal Golden Visa through buying Real Estate

• Get rental income and capital gains tax exemptions with Golden Visa investments!

• Low investment costs and affordable property prices – buying a home in Portugal requires minimal costs compared to other countries Golden Visas, especially compared to other investment programs. Plus, there are no restrictions on the amount of money you can bring into the country for investment purposes.

• Attractive Portuguese tax system – Portugal offers some of the most attractive wealth tax systems in Europe with Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) status allowing foreign investors reduced income taxes on rental income and capital gains tax exemptions.

• Stable political environment – Portugal is a stable political and economic climate that welcomes foreign investment making it an ideal place to buy real estate for golden visa purposes.

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Disadvantages to Portugal Golden Visa Property (through buying Real Estate)

• Language barriers - Although English is widely spoken throughout large areas of Portuguese cities, learning Portuguese may be necessary depending on where buyers decide to purchase their property. Many documents such as contracts and deeds must also be completed in Portuguese so understanding legal language will be important regardless of where buyers want their property located.

• Property inspection - Ensuring compliance with building codes will be important prior to buying any property, so hiring an independent inspector with experience working within local codes is recommended before signing any contract or deed agreement.

• As with any overseas investment, currency fluctuations can cause uncertainty when trying to predict future returns from rental income. Ensuring that investments are hedged against exchange rate volatility could help protect profits from unexpected currency movements over time.

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How would be my life in Portugal?

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Portugal is relatively low compared to other countries in Europe, meaning your investment will go further. Portugal offers some of the best year-round weather in Europe and excellent quality of life - perfect for a holiday home! It also has excellent - and beautiful - transport links both within the country, as well as to other European countries via road, rail, or air travel.

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The Portuguese public health system is great and every Portuguese resident and their family members have access to it, which means that you and your family will be looked after and access free healthcare. Learn more about the Public Healthcare System in Portugal here.


Portugal is known for having some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, with miles of sandy coastline and crystal clear waters along the Atlantic coast. Depending on the region, there are white sand beaches stretching up to the mountains or down to smaller fishing villages where you can enjoy plenty of water sports activities such as diving and surfing.

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Benefits for The Portuguese Golden Visa Program Investors

Portuguese housing regulations provide added security for golden visa real estate investors – all foreign citizens buying real estate must obtain a Portuguese ID card and register their property with the local tax office.

As a golden visa investor buying real estate in Portugal, you can take advantage of international banking partnerships between your home country’s bank - foreign entity account - and your Portuguese bank account, which offers competitive interest rates and financing options for property purchases.

Types of Properties Available

  • You can buy "turnkey" property
  • You can buy a property that needs refurbishing
  • You can buy commercial property
  • You can buy in the cities (despite what most people think)
  • You can buy in the countryside "Interior"

Portugal offers a variety of properties for those applying for the Golden Visa residence permit. From multi-million euro residential properties in upscale neighborhoods to budget options, there is something available to suit every investor.

Portugal's "Golden Visa Real Estate" refers to approved real estate projects that can be acquired without the need for any special licenses. These offerings range from ready-to-move apartments, high-quality villas with private gardens and pools near the coast, as well as genuine rural homes with farmland or "uma quinta". It used to be the case that central location cities like Lisbon and Porto were eligible for it, but due to property value being driven up too quickly for the local population, the Portuguese government has now removed Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve from the investment program, now focusing in low-density areas, where density is below the national average.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Golden Visa Properties Portugal

1. You get permanent residence in Portugal within five years or less.

2. You can travel freely between countries within the Schengen Zone without a visa for up to 90 days every 180-day period.

3. You don’t need to reside in Portugal full-time to obtain your Portuguese residency, so you can still work and live abroad most of the year and only spend short periods of time in Portugal each year if desired.

4. If certain criteria are met, you may be able to apply for citizenship after a few years.

5. The minimum investment requirements for Golden Visa applications are low compared with other visas around the world – starting at €280,000 plus taxes and fees, such as the property transfer tax, and providing access to one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies.

6. There is no language requirement nor any specific educational qualifications needed, making it an accessible option for Golden Visa applicants from all walks of life who have been approved by SEF as suitable candidates to obtain their golden visa status safely and legally over a fairly short period of time when compared with other types of European residencies available elsewhere on similar terms. If, however, you plan to apply for citizenship through the Golden Visa program, you will then need to pass a basic language test.

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Tips for Purchasing a Property in Portugal

The Golden Visa process for purchasing a property is relatively straightforward, albeit subject to certain conditions.

Firstly, you must be an approved Golden Visa candidate and have the required funds at your disposal – as stated above, a minimum investment amount is €280,000 plus taxes and fees.

Secondly, you need to choose a qualifying investment and select a suitable real estate project that meets all necessary criteria under the program – this includes selecting from approved locations and selecting the type of property desired. It is important to note that it does not matter where the funds come from as long as they are available when needed.

Once a suitable property has been selected, and the target investment amount has been matched, make sure that all due diligence is carried out on it as well as any associated costs including legal fees and taxes associated with its purchase. It is also essential to check with local authorities regarding building regulations, zoning laws, and any other applicable rules related to the region in which you plan to invest. The Golden Visa rules require all applicants to hold full title rights over their properties for at least five years so this must be taken into consideration when deciding on a suitable investment option.

When all necessary paperwork has been completed and signed off by both parties (current property owner and future owner), then a formal request must be made with SEF (the Portuguese immigration service) for approval of the sale transaction. This will include submitting evidence of funds transfer into Portugal such as bank statements or payment receipts etc., in addition to proof of identity documents such as passports or driving licenses, etc., depending on an individual’s respective circumstances.

Once all steps have been successfully completed and official documentation obtained showing approval by SEF then residence permits can be applied for in Portugal – typically lasting for up to five years initially but renewable every two years thereafter if desired.

Financing Options

With regards to financing options available for investing in real estate through Portugal's Golden Visa scheme, there are several possibilities: investors can use their own capital or borrow money from international banks.

Alternatively, mortgage loans may be secured against existing overseas assets. With this being said, however, potential investors should always ensure that they fully understand what risks may be involved when taking out any form of credit in order to minimize potential losses over time.

What Does a Golden Visa Give Me?

Successful applicants can not only have permanent residency rights but also travel rights between countries within Europe’s Schengen Zone without requiring any additional visas during their stay, which means visa-free access to these countries – provided no more than 90 days are spent outside Portugal every 180-day period.

Furthermore, after five years, those who wish may apply to obtain Portuguese citizenship if certain criteria are met.

Still Wondering How to Buy a Property in Portugal?

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